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ProTech Compliance Experts – Making Sure Your Pallet Rack is Safe

CR Supply delivers the services of RNW Rack NetWork and also provides rack repair, installation services, and guarding products.  In short, everything you need to be fully compliant with codes and regulations.  Our sales engineers deliver the “ProTech Compliance Program”. Compliance has never been so easy!


Years+ in Safety Inspection Excellence


Million+ Square Feet Of Racking Inspected


Thousand+ Rack Capacity Reports (PSR or PHSR) Completed


Thousand+ Building Permits Processed

Our Services

Expert Rack Inspections

Has your warehouse racking been inspected in the past year? We are ISO9001 certified for inspection. Reports are top quality, and include prescribed remediation.

Rack Capacity Reports (PSR or PHSR)

Capacity Reports (Pre-start health and Safety Reviews) are required by all states and provinces.

Rack Building Permits

Let our engineering experts manage the building permit process. Getting building permits can be very difficult if you don’t know the ropes.

CertiRack Products & Rack Repair

Learn more about our top-quality repair and guarding products. All are certified by our Professional Engineers.

Rack Inspection Training

Virtual training can ensure your employees have the necessary skills to do inspections.  Our instructor Chuck Leon CRSP is well known for providing an excellent learning experience.

Project Management

Project management and installation services require experienced professionals. Our sales & service engineers can make your jobs run smoothly and on time.

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