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About Us

Your Rack Safety Partners

CR Supply was created in response to every changing and increasingly complex codes and regulations.  CR Supply combines the service of RNW with rack repair and reconfiguration and facility maintenance.  The Sales engineers take on the responsibility of making sure your facility is compliant with codes and regulation.

The engineering services are provided by the firm RNW Rack NetWork, North America’s trusted provider of expert inspections. RNW is the only rack engineering and inspection services firm to receive the full ISO 9001 certification.

Our Sales Engineers are dedicated solely to the maintenance and safe operation of racking structures. We make compliance easy with our ProTech program, taking on the responsibility for total compliance.

Ensuring Warehouse Rack Safety And Compliance

Highly detailed inspection reports include photos and traceable bar code numbers for each damage. Specific recommendations are made to identify whether repair, or replacement, is the best option for each individual damage. All expert inspections are carried out under the supervision of, and are sealed by, Professional Engineers. Our expert inspectors provide truly independent advice – unlike many competitors who are often trying to sell new rack, repairs or other services. CR Supply has conducted national inspection programs for many of North America’s largest corporations, but still offers personalized service to smaller, single facility operations.

We use the services of RNW, which has engineers on staff at multiple locations.  RNW’s team of experts specialize in PSR Capacity Reports (Pre-start health and Safety Reviews).

Our Leadership in
the Racking Industry 

Tony Mulholland  P.Eng. | P.M.M   

Tony Mulholland (P.Eng) is the Chief Engineer. With over 30 years of experience, Tony is widely considered to be the foremost expert in the racking industry. Tony has been instrumental in the development of industry standards and was a key developer of CSA standard A344 and the related seminar on rack inspections and maintenance. Tony is the Past President of the Material Handling & Management Society (MHMS) and is a frequent speaker at industry events.

CR Supply is an employee owned company, so service is top notch!

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