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Project Management & Installation

Managing Your Project

CR Supply’s sales engineers will handle all permits, capacity reports, and other necessities in completing your project.

CR Supply’s process allows you to create a layout for the warehouse and a cost-effective design for the required racks, all while staying compliant.

CR Supply’s Project Management

Managing a new warehouse layout, rack configuration, or modification can be a tough project to take on without the proper support or knowledge. CR Supply provides engineering services and supervision for the installation of pallet racking and related structures. CR Supply provides Building Permits, Capacity Reports, Annual Inspections, and much more to keep your racks safe and up to standards. This allows you to start and complete your project with ease, and easily maintain compliance for the future.



CertiRack Products provide compliant and comprehensive solutions to your storage system.

CertiRack Installations

CR Supply works only with licensed installers to ensure quality work is done. Industry leading technology and processes allow us to ensure every repair is accounted for, and has been completed up to current standards. Breaking the mould of specialized services, CR Supply is a 360 degree solution to having your warehouse racks compliant from fresh installation to the time for repairs.

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